Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Triangle

The Triangle
In the Bermuda Triangle, nothing stays lost forever.

a Lionsgate film, originally shown on the SciFi channel (i think). i have not finished watching, but i really like what i have seen. lots of action and twists and turns. the subject of the Bermuda Triangle has been a dull one lately. i've read everything on it and there has not really been anything new. this IS new. neat ideas and lots of things to think about. i love the notion that a modern day 'iron behemoth' was once spotted by Columbus in the Sargasso Sea. do i think there are UFO bases underneath the Triangle? nope. but i do think something is going on there.
i love the cast and they 'fit' the story and each other. the special effects are not so high tech, but nicely done. beautiful CGI water/ship scenes. if you haven't scene it and you like the subject, try it out. beware! it's in 3 parts and runs 255 minutes.

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