Saturday, April 29, 2006

car shopping

you know, as parents, we think that getting our child to 18 without loss of limb or sanity is a good thing. we think the worst is behind us. we think that when they get their license, that is a major hurdle and the rest will be cake. after all, they passed the driving and written test with flying colors. then, they wreck your car. then they wreck their aunts car. okay. no problem. the cars get fixed. we have insurance. nobody got hurt. then, they go off to a foreign land (California) and get a big ol' speeding ticket. THEN they come home and ask, "oh, by the way, will you still give me some money for a car?"
then, we as parents (who have just only two days ago started taking BIG TRANQUILIZERS for panic attacks), have to help these kids find a car. and do our children want to shop around for the best car for their budget? noooo. they want a car NOW because, OHMIGOD, they can't wait! they aren't patient. they have places to go (CompUsa) and people to see (CompUsa employees).
AND they insist on lugging around a laptop with a GPS (because clearly the parent is too stupid to find the car dealerships without computer assistance and a navigator). when the parent asks what they will do alone in a car without a laptop, they say, "oh, i'm taking it with me. it goes everywhere i go. i have even taken it to the MALL." so, the parent wonders, how will this child be able to DRIVE while he is 1) IMing several people at once or 2) talking over the computer with some microphone thingy or 3) typing in directions for the GPS or 4) doing whatever else he does on the computer (when he should really be KEEPING AN EYE ON THE ROAD). let's not even discuss cell phones and radios.
or aluminum engines.
no, let us discuss the fact that the parents are OLD and CRAZY and heavily medicated. just wait until the psychiatrist hears all this. he will be prescribing EVEN MORE medication and he will think, "thank God MY kids take the bus!"


Instable said...

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Dox said...

That's not so bad at all. My first car was a 1983 Ford Escort and was bought for 100 dollars at a ABANDONED CAR AUCTION! So we brought it home and hit it with things and then I drove it for a year. Mind you, pieces kept falling off.. nothing important, things like.. mufflers and powersteernig pumps. You know.. the flashy add-ons that all the car dealerships try to screw you over with. What finally did it in was when teh windows decided to start randomly exploding as I was going down the road.

Anywho, hang in there.. it can't be all that bad. Remember, now when you have a craving at 3 AM, you can call HIM up to go get it for you! HAH!