Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hino is back!

Hino is back! he arrived home yesterday around 11:15am. he flew jet Blue from California (which airport?) to JFK (NY) and from NY to Logan Airport (Boston). Hino said the planes were brand new, sparkling clean with all-leather seats (or, all the seats were leather). there was atleast 6 more inches of leg room and more seat room...especially when Hino sat by the exit. the plane he road from NY to Boston was so new, it was only the third flight the plane has ever made! he did not get a meal, but some animal crackers and soda, even on the 6 hour flight they did not serve food. for $5 he had the option of watching a movie on the overhead tv that comes with every seat. he watched the X-Men, Ron Popeil (and his knife set) and the Game Show Channel (yawn!). he also got a little goodie pack with hand cream, mints, ear plugs and, my favorite, an eye shade! i really needed one of those, too. i can't wait for jetBlue to come to TF Green Airport!

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