Thursday, April 27, 2006

new meds!

i have new meds to battle the panic attacks and anxiety...Klonopin. well, i don't have the fancy smancy hollow 'K' pills but the light green round generics called Clonazepam. i took my first one (.5mg) last night at 10:30 and by 10:45, i was knocked on my ass. couldn't walk, couldn't talk, feeling goofy. and i had a really good nights sleep with just a few weird dreams that i can't remember. (Maniac Mike dreamed he got me pregnant and i was totally pissed at him. see, that is a nighmare!) when i got up this morning at 8:00, i was still feeling woozy but i made it to work on time. i had asked my coworkers to call me if i wasn't there at 9 sharp just in case i fell back to sleep after MM called me at 8. i was not shakey today, did not have that weird skin-crawling, 'get-me-outta-here feeling and i was not any more tired than usual.

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