Tuesday, April 04, 2006


the girls told me today that the jerk who is stalking the children's librarian was sitting in the parking lot this morning before any of the staff arrived. he watched each car come in, craning his neck to see who was in the car. he came into the building several minutes before we opened...walked into the darkened building...for a computer ( he said, though he first stopped by the kiddie librarians desk). thankfully, she was not there. the ladies kicked him back out and he left. later, he came back and he told the circladies that he had ideas for characters for a childrens book and he wanted to run it by our librarian. right. one coworker said, "the book is called 'Loser' and he's the main character."
the director now has his name and we are on alert and we will watch him when he comes in. if he approaches our kiddie librarian again, we should tell the director (if she's around) and stay in the kids room until he leaves. i think someone in charge should tell him to please leave our staff alone and that, if he doesn't comply, we will give his name to the police. the guy has a pot website. that should scare him off.
if any other library worker has had trouble with a stalker, i would love to know how it was handled.
in the last city library i worked at, our circhead was being stalked by a homeless man. this guy would also store his clothes and other articles in our copier supply room. he was asked not to do that. he was told that the director would have his things removed by the cops if she found them there again. this guy was really creepy. he was in the library almost everday spring, summer and fall. he developed a fixation on our circhead. he would sit in a chair in the line of sight of her desk and stare at her for hours. he rarely spoke, but when he did, he would ask personal questions. sometimes, he would get angry for no reason and swear and act hostile to her. the police were notified and several of the cops would come by while the creepy guy was in the library and ask him questions and ruffle his feathers. finally, our circhead started making inquiries about a restraining order, though that never panned out. i can't now remember how we got rid of him, but we did. all this occured over a couple of YEARS. yes, she endured this for years! please, don't anyone feel sorry for that guy because he was homeless. he was harrassing our coworker, plain and simple...homeless or not, he had to GO! we have had many homeless men use the library. they were fine people down on their luck. we treated them well...like anyone else. this guy was not a fine person.

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