Wednesday, April 05, 2006

they are everywhere, God help us!

i was going to post a picture of Catherine Bell and write about how much i liked her in Triangle but then i found out she is a scientologist and that just ruined it. i don't like many actors, and even fewer actresses, but i liked her. no more. i am sick to death of scientologists like fucking Cruise and Battlefield Earthling Travolta, and now Isaac Hayes and his crap. i don't have many prejudices (Nazi's, Confederates and their flag) but i think i will add one more: scientologists. mosey on over to Wikipedia and type in Scientology and read about it for yourself. please don't tell me this is a religion and i should be tolerant. this is NOT a religion. it is a money making machine (for Hubbard and his succesors), a cult, pseudoscience and a really, really bad sci-fi story. if you don't believe me, watch Battlefield Earth!
Maniac Mike cannot have Wiccan services in prison, but the scientologists have 'services'. you cannot have rosary beads in prison but you can get all the Hubbard brainwashing literature (i use that word loosely) that you want. hell, they can probably get an E-meter and Xenu cartoon prayer cards.
they are dangerous, too. they hold marches and rallies protesting psychiatry. they believe psychiatric drugs are evil yet they believe in spaceships, intergalactic battles and extraterrestrial 'past lives'. gee, they could use a good psychiatrist, doncha think? can you say "Heaven's Gate"? how long do we have to wait for Cruise to drink his toxic Kool-Aid? not long, i hope.

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