Friday, March 09, 2007

what lurks in Dox's lake?

Hino sent me a satellite image of Dox's land and there are two BIG lakes on the parcel. atleast, they look really big. way bigger than Social Ocean (inside joke). he said that there is a boat at the bottom of one lake and nobody knows how it got there. i have two words that will explain it all: Pirate Cows. yes, Pirate Cows are savage, cruel, greedy beasts. they have been spotted in ships as far away as Hoboken. you DO NOT want to get into a cannon fight with Pirate Cows as the shoot out really big cannonballs also known as Cowpie Cannonballs. whew!

the only other thing i could thing of would be the notorious, yet hard to find Texarkana Kraken. this creature has been known to lurk. in water. in Sweden...but, that's just in the summer. they winter in Texas and surrounding southern states.

it's gotta be either one or the other. ain't no other reason i can come up with. 'cept them aliens.

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