Thursday, March 08, 2007

Cat Day

just a day of running first day of "rest". i did sleep until noon (after falling asleep at 3am) and got up to go to Pawtucket to pick up Poppy and bring her to the vet. i got to the vet around 2:00, left around 2:30 for a visit with Maniac Mike (who told me Hoovers are on sale at Mall-Wart), beat him at cards, left, went back to the vet (in Seekonk, Mass) to see Angel the diabetic. i think she gained weight but her glucose levels are all over the place and she will, most likely need 2 shots a day. i expected this. there is a new food out called MD that has actually CURED some cats of the need for insulin!!! so, i told him to go ahead and see if she will eat it. then, i left the vet to go back to Pawtucket to visit with Little One, who is now all alone in the apartment. she played first, then had fresh milk, then played, got brushed, ate 9Lives, played, got catnip and then i said goodbye around 9:30 while she was high on the Nip. so, it has been a BUSY cat day.

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