Sunday, March 18, 2007

three little kittens

not really little kittens, but there are THREE of them. sheesh. all i wanted was a couple of prairie dogs. i finally have the cats at my place. today, sunday, my only day of rest until friday, i had to be up at 7:30 am to change the box, feed, water, pass out treats, administer a shot for Angel and Tapazole for Poppy, change the box AGAIN because they all wait for a clean box in the AM and then Maniac Mike called in the middle of all of this to be sure i was awake and asked me a zillion cat related questions. at 9:00 i told them all i had to go back to bed, which i did, until MM called at 12:30. then i went back downstairs and did it all again except for the meds. they get more meds at 8 tonight. now, i thought they would all want my company today since i work during the week but they all decided they had to sleep, sleep and sleep, piss, sleep and occasionally, look at me funny. everytime i go to the fridge, Poppy is on my ass. i have given her every treat i have from roast beef, to ham, to cheese, to half and half and even pieces of Krispy Kremes. i have nothing else left, yet she must think it's a magic box that'll produce endless cat treats! (they won't eat regular cat treats, by the way.)
i am having issues with Cocie's vet because he charges outrageous amounts for Vetsulin and needles. he charges $68 for a 10ml bottle of Vetsulin which costs $32.00 online and $40 from MY vet!!!! then he wants me to buy U-40 needles at a dollar a needle and told me i couldn't use U-100 needles that cost $15.99 for 100 (no script needed) at Walgreens yet i am SURE he gave Cocie U-100 needles. my sister is going back to Cocie's house to bring those needles so i can take them to Walgreens and find a match then bring them to the vet and tell him to adjust the dose for those needles.
i'm pooped!
if you read Hinoserm's Blog you will see how much fun Texas can be inspite of those vicious Pirate Cows and Mall-Wart nuke threats. sorry i had to go, Dox...Prison Collect Call. he can only call at certain times. later!

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