Wednesday, March 07, 2007

just how many cows are IN texas (little T)

so, Hino has moved to texas. (Hino is my geek-tech would know that if my fucking profile was tranferred over. i better not have to write a new one!) NOT Texaco, but texas. them has cows there and Mall-Warts. maybe even cows IN Mall-Warts. he's in a little town just outside of Lubbock, where they had that BIG UFO incident decades ago. it was called The Lubbock Lights. personally, i would not move to any place where aliens have been present. nope. not me. if HE wants to live with the aliens, well that's just fine. just watch out for where they probe ya.
i have actually gotten a couple of phone calls and a, um, IM thing from him. you know...*DING* followed by a pop up box. whatever that is. having memory trouble.
it is a good thing he moved when he did (even though they had to drive around those awful tornado storms) because the fit hit the shan that very same day. my favorite aunt Cocie (Cocie=aunt in Polish) fell and went to the hospital. now her no good rotten son put her in a Nursing Home then immediately left for a trip to Australia leaving me, my sister and my totally needy and self centered 77 year old mother to take care of Cocie's needs and her 3 cats. THREE CATS! 2 are old, one diabetic, one has hypothyroidism and one is a 5 year old lunatic who only wants to play, play, play and EAT! their names, in order, are Angel (white, long hair), Poppy (mostly black long hair and has crippled back legs) and Little One (who is mostly white with orange on face and tail, short hair and weighs 3 1/2 TONS!) i love them, really, but they are very high maintenance. that is why i will be bringing them to my apartment next week. i just hope Cocie will agree. she thinks she will be getting out of the Home in a month at most but i do believe her no good rotten son will be all too happy to leave her there forever which won't be long because she will die there if she can't have her cats. she's 85 but she has a better memory than i do. she IS very frail and falls a lot. ideally, she will continue with rehabilitative therapy and come home within a couple of months and have home care visit.
so, even though my sister has done a lot of work, and spent a lot of money, she refuses to go to the vet, take the cats or give Angel her shots even though she once had a diabetic, too. she claims she gets panicky and she DOES, really, but my God, eventually you have to get passed it! also, she would NOT go to the hospital claiming that she catches everything so i went every day cocie was in the hospital, even when the Home sent her back because she had a fit and a urinary infection. i was in the emergency room with her until midnight and went to work for 9 the next morning. i fell asleep on a bean bag chair in the program room during lunch and someone had to come in and WAKE me. i felt like a fool.
so, i went to see my psych who gave me sick time out of work. he told me i was overwhelmed AND that both my sister and my mother act as if they are entitled. not exactly sure what that means. all i know is i am officially not only crazy but also overwhelmed. hurumph. when can i be skinny, rich and beautiful?
so tomorrow, my first day off, i will bring Poppy to the vet for a few days stay. Angel is already there...she also had a urinary tract infection. i am going to cat-safe the bottom floor and hope to God that no one notices the cats until i can find a place where i can actually have cats. i have to move anyway so Hino can come off this lease. Maniac Mike (husband in prison) is all for me taking the cats, has sent me money to buy shit for them and will either pay rent for a new place or buy a condo. i look forward to packing and moving like i look forward to being in a Home myself, one day. that may be sooner than later.

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