Friday, February 15, 2008

Seg, tonsils and REALLY bad news

first, the REALLY bad news: Dox's mom passed away 3 days ago and Hino did not tell us until today. so we feel really bad because we would have atleast sent flowers or, if needed, money. she had been sick for a very long time but that doesn't mean it is less of a shock to loved ones.
Maniac Mike is in Seg. he got caught with a broken razor blade that he had in a book. he would use the 2 pieces of the blade to light cigarettes using batteries. he will be in Seg until the 25th of this month. both Popeye and i told him to ditch the blades when he had no cigarettes but he is his own stubborn self (as, i guess, he should be) and got caught. Seg means he lost his single cell, had all his shit removed, cannot call or get visits. he can get mail and newspapers and can still place store orders (from a select group of items.) this is his first time in Seg while in RI. i don't feel sorry for him, but Angel is so bothered by not getting her phone calls that i thing she is depressed.
i have a brand new, never before experienced illness...WOW...YAHOOIE! something new to make life interesting. my tonsils are exuding liquid of some sort. it has some connection to my lymph system. my throat hurts really bad one day, and the next, it's not too bad. i was originally prescribed azythromycin in pill form, but that triggered the Celiac Monster so i was switched to liquid and that's fine. now, i wait.
hoping to register to vote at the Town Hall in the town where i now live tomorrow. (terrible grammar!)
no good news today, sorry.

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