Friday, February 01, 2008

Nick and Ned

why do Hino's dogs EAT EVERYTHING?!!! and who would name their dogs Nick (Saint or Nearly-Headless?) and Ned (Nancy Drew's love interest)? why not Du Hast and Wolfenstein? or Ozzie and Ozzy? would be easy to call them. one reason i never let Hino name the pets was that he always wanted to name the Fred or Tom. MM wanted to pugs and he wants to name them Walt and Gladys. WTF??
by the way...a former male part-timer is coming back. we all dread this. we also got a new part time children's room librarian and his name is either Pete, Paul or Patrick depending on whom you ask. he has a really big head. size-wise. large for his body type. practically alien. i guess they finally found me at work!

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Hinoserm said...

Believe it or not, they were already named Nick and Ned by the breeder. Although the breeder hadn't offically registered under or taught them their names, I didn't want to change them.

They are direct German bloodline, so their registered full names are long and overcomplicated and include some funky German characters that I can't type.

Nick's registered name is Nikolai, which is admittedly a Russian name, but it fits irregardless.

Ned is The Great Artemis Nedley, also commonly referred to as Nedemis (Ned-a-muss), Nedmuffin, or Nedleybear.