Thursday, January 11, 2007

i hate losing

had a visit today. got to leave work early on vacation time. lost at cards to MM for the third visit in a row. DAMN! i hate losing and i hate losing to HIM who gloats and grins and just makes me want to spit up! look I want to win. ME. MOI! still, he has never beat me more than three games in a row, so i am confident that i will win tomorrow. MM claims he has been winning because he pealed the alligator sticker off the jinked Stuff On My Cat (in an alligator costume) postcard...very worth the 10 bucks i paid for them...stuck it on his tv and strokes it for good luck. what a nutcase!
no wonder i got a LEG LAMP for christmas! Hino, pleeeeaaaaase borrow the LEG LAMP!

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