Saturday, January 06, 2007

cards and flowers

well, thanks to Swampy the alligator i conned my husband into buying me for Christmas, i had won at cards an unprecedented 5 visits in a row! see, we have this thing about alligators being lucky or jinxed and Swampy was lucky for me 5 times in a row. boy, Maniac Mike did not take it well. by the fifth time, he was sure i was cheating and i had two fingers on the chopping block if he ever found out how i cheated him. but i DON'T cheat. i use Voodoo, magic, jinxes, prayers and spells, but i don't cheat.
i'm sorry to say that my luck ran out and he won the game during the last visit. he was gloating and going on and on but i told him it will be a long time until he will ever win 5 visits in a row. then he said, "i have defeated you Ricky Bobby" and i smacked him when the guards were not looking. on the hand. he deserved it!
on January third, MM sent me flowers at work for our 5th year together. they had many lillies and white roses with gold sparkles on them. very pretty!

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