Tuesday, May 30, 2006

a mighty thong

there is a young, blonde ,very large girl that visits her boyfriend regularly. she dresses well. she is atleast a size 26. she is really big but she isn't all jiggley like some obese women. probably because she is still so young. we don't really have a name for her so we just call her The Fat Girl even though many female visitors could also be named the same. anyway, yesterday, when she was bending down to take the Coke out of the soda machine, Maniac Mike told me he thought she was wearing a thong. i didn't believe him. so i watched her, too and sure enough, she was wearing a black thong. where does someone get a size 26 thong?? the only place i could think of was Lane Bryant. can you see all those massive thongs laid out on a table like they do at Victoria's Secret? that would have to be one big table.
i feel bad for the Fat Girl because she visits her boyfriend who was once arrested for hitting her! apparently, they had many fights (according to the boyfriend who has talked to MM). the boyfriend denied he ever hit her but that she hit him. of course, they all deny it. i'm not sure what he is in for...i'll have to ask MM again.

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